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Hi, Just got my new 4-tuner. I hooked it up to a 3tb drive - which it said it needed to format. All other hookups seem fine (wired to the router)…but am unable to record anything. It will let me watch live TV. It was about 3hrs ago when I first powered it up.

On the roku app the Guide is grayed out and it says I need to have a subscription to access it and record stuff - I thought I got the first 30 days free.

When visiting my.tablotv.com from my chrome browser - it acts like it will let me record, but then when I go to view what is scheduled and/or recorded nothing shows up.

Also when in chrome the “Prime Time”, “TV Shows”, “Movies”, and “Sports” is grayed out and not selectable???

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What am I doing wrong?

Here is a view of my subscription status - I just got tablo today direct from Tablo themselves…I read somewhere else on the forums that the free 30 days is supposed to activate as soon as it connects to the internet. Odd I have guide data but the subscription isn’t working…

After the initial setup and product registration you should have your 30 day subscription active… I would contact customer support.

I have submitted a support ticket but waiting for their reply since I did that over the weekend.

But you mention “product registration” - typically when I hear this I think of entering a serial number or something like that to activate the device. I didn’t have to do any of that when i setup tablo - at least it didn’t prompt me to.

When I click on “manage” in my screen shot above it just takes me to my tablo account page and within that it’s asking me to pay for a subscription…I see no other way to register, etc.

Did you buy your Tablo used? Or brand new?

If brand new, Tablo Support will fix you up and ensure you get the free 30 day subscription.

Brand new - direct from their site.

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@jbsmith_05 - Pop me a PM with the last four digits in your MAC address and I’ll get that patched up for you. The number is on the bottom of your unit.

I’m away from the unit - which is at home. I did submit a support ticket and provided the last four of the MAC address - can you pull it up from there?

Sure thing! Stay tuned.

Just got a reply from David via the support ticket - said it was fixed, I just need to “refresh” on my tablo. I’ll give that a try later this eve when I get home and see if it solves my issues with recording.



All fixed now that the subscription is active.