Unable to receive local PBS

WEDU out of Tampa. I can receive the channel from an HDHomeRun device, but not Tablo.

You should be able to use the hdhome built in signal meter to obtain the hdhomerun signal information to determine what the signal quality is. If it’s close to the edge it probably won’t record/play on tablo. You just play the channel on any hdhomerun device roku, fire stick, etc.

Then you just enter the hdhomerun LAN IP address into a browser to obtain the main menu and the tuner status page to see channel quality.

Strength: 80%
Quality: 73%
Is that considered close to the edge for Tablo?

73% is pretty bad.

For the hdhomerun it’s symbol quality versus signal quality that is more important. And since the meter is not continuos realtime you need to refresh over a time period to see how it changes.

I have a Signal GH App that provides continuous info on signal strength and quality for HDHomeRun devices. It shows quality graph between 73%-75%. This channel was available on Tablo until 60-90 days ago?? and now it doesn’t even show up on Tablo as a weak channel.