Unable to load latest firmware updates on new tablo

Just received my new Tablo and the app keeps informing me that there are updates. Unfortunately it appears to perform the download but the install steps lasts only a few seconds and goes right to the reboot. It then lets me know the same updates are available. Report to support a few days ago with no response and am hoping someone here can help.

Also having issues updating the channel lineup and am assuming the firmware will correct that (hopefully).

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You didn’t say what device you are using for setup: iphone, ipad, android phone, android tablet, ?.

Actually same result (with different screens) on Android phone, iOS on iPad as well as through Roku app.

I don’t think setup is working via roku. Only via phones and tablets. plus there was a time when adding channels via roku might mess up the OTA channel assignment. This could only be corrected by deleting all but one fast channel, rebooting the tablo, clearing the app cache, and using the mobile device to add the channels.

Nothing stops you from performing a factory reset and starting again on a mobile device.

I only use the flash but I seem to remember that adding a USB HDD should be done after the initial setup.

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Unfortunately I have done 2 full factory resets.

Is it typical that the support at Tablo does not respond? Been 4 days so far. Would really like to make this work.

Have you submitted a ticket to support? They don’t necessarily check this forum often.

Responses via email seem to be sporadic, but they have come. I am still receiving occasional check-ins to see if my guide issue has been resolved. Depending on which way you contacted them, I would give it some time. If it wasn’t through a ticket, as snowcat has suggest, I would try that.

@snowcat and @269587
I used the link on their support page. I got an immediate (automated) response via email.

I think it would be fair to reply to that automated email. It should have the support id # right in the email address and that should be sufficient for them to figure out which issue you’re referring to. Of course, since you’re just sending a “checking in” type of email, a little recap wouldn’t hurt. It seems like tech support everywhere has slowed down due to being between the holidays. It’s a busy time of the year; hopefully they reach out to you soon just to let you know they’ve read it.

Just wanted to give an update. Did not receive an email reply to my support ticket so I ended up calling support directly. Finally on second call attempt, got connected to what I would consider a higher level expert support person. Within 2 minutes he remotely connected to my Tablo, downloaded the latest update and verified it installed correct. Can’t wait to start trying to use this so I can delete YouTube/TV and their insane cost

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