Unable to download guide

This used to work fine until summer (when I used to watch and record Olympics) and now I am not sure what happened- The guide won’t download. I try to force a download and it is stuck at 0%. None of the programs I had scheduled have recorded either. I updated to the latest firmware and still nothing.

I do see a message about upgrading… Am I supposed to pay for the “free” guide now or is something broken in my device (its the one with 2 tuners and 64GB memory)?


Do you have a paid subscription? If not, then only manual recordings work. But the live TV guide / grid should still populate.

Thanks for replying.
I don’t have any subscription. I don’t pay anything monthly/yearly.

What you state is how I remember it… the 14 day guide used to be available for free and I set up manual recordings and everything used to be fine… except now the guide is empty, my manual recordings have not gone through and the update remains stuck at 0%. I did reboot it and such…

You can’t have a 14 day guide without a subscription afaik.

ok, I didn’t count… there is something that used to be free… maybe 7 days? That and then the manual recording used to be all…

You only get 24 hours without a subscription. But you should get that.

@webz It sounds like your Tablo isn’t able to reach our servers to download guide data.

It’s worth checking your internet connectivity and rebooting your Tablo and trying to update the guide again.

If that doesn’t work, touch base with our support team and they can take a closer look:

After a couple of reboots and firmware update and letting it sit overnight, 24hrs worth of programming shows now. Also, previously manually recorded items that were missing showed up.
All seems to be well now.

Thanks all, for your time.

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The app you are using could be the problem. My Samsung TV’s native Tablo app won’t allow me to use the 2-week guide that I pay for, so I plugged in my old Roku Premier 4K and use its Tablo app, which works.

The 2 week guide that you pay for refers to the the OTA guide data available to you, that is to say the TV Shows, Movies, and Sports menus all show everything on for the next 14 days. The live tv grid is not the ‘guide’, it’s just a convenient view to see everything. Not all devices have the 14 day live tv grid view, but that’s nothing to do with your paid 2 weeks of data, which you still should have on your Samsung TV.

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Negative. The native Samsung app for Tablo does not allow the 14-day guide to be displayed, even when paid for. When I acces Tablo through my Roku, the guide is OK. Apparently, this is a glitch in Samsung’s app. Haven’t tried it lately, so I can’t say if that’s been fixed.

I may not have been that clear. Just to check something, go into your Tablo Samsung app. On the menu list, go to TV Shows. Can you see a screen of tv show images and names? If so select one that has a lot of episodes like price is right or any daily show. If you can see the list of episodes beyond just today, then that means you have two weeks of guide data. The guide just refers to the data of the shows that happen in the next two weeks, nothing to do with the Live TV section. You also get access to the Prime Time, TV Shows, Movies, and Sports menus with the paid subscription in addition to show images. If you see all of the above, you are getting what you paid for.

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There are select devices which can show 14 days in the live grid, many cannot.

For the most part @gdiff got it right.

gdiff, what djk said. The Tablo app that comes with the Samsung TV does not allow the two-week guide of live TV programs, paid for or not. It allows only 24 hours. The Tablo app that come with the Roku does allow 14 days’ worth.

That’s literally what I have said in two straight posts. I know it doesn’t show the 14 days in the grid. But you were claiming you didn’t have the 14 day guide that you paid for, which is false. What you pay for is the 14 days of data in the app, not the 14 day grid itself, that’s just a visual tool to see things that some apps have, and others do not. The guide is not the grid. The grid is not the guide.

Yet the Roku can show all 14 days in the grid. Since that’s what they were accustomed too, seemed screwy to them suddenly its gone… many apps/devices don’t. But some do and can show 14 days of guide in the grid.

Yes indeed, agreed. I think they should all be able to show all 14 days in the live tv section. Hopefully that’s coming at some point.

Unlikely. I seem to recall some comments about the resources necessary for it. Some say it’s very slow, others not so much. Depending how many channels I suppose, but sounds like it’s a lot of overhead/resources for the app/device to handle. But yea, maybe someday.

Semantics. Tablo calls it the Grid guide, the data for which is available on “some apps”. My Samsung does not have one of these “some apps”, but my Roku does. The grid guide is what I’ve been talking about all along. All this is moot, since when I utilize my Roku I have the 14-day guide (on the grid, if you prefer).

It’s not one’s personal preference when trying to assist -

The Tablo’s program guide provides 14 days of guide data. The Live TV tab will display a 24-hour grid guide. The additional 13 days are split up into the Primetime, TV shows, Movies and Sports tabs.

“guide data” and “grid data” are tablo terms…

Here’s what might have helped from the begining

sorry for dragging things out.