Unable to delete recordings without restarting app

Unable to delete recordings without restarting app multiple times. Roku Premiere version 11.5.0 build 4225-91 and Tablo dual 2.2.42 running 1.9.26 build 1024. Recording onto a WD My Passport 070A 2018 (319 GB).

When I finish watching a recorded program and request a delete the screen goes blank. I have to restart the app and request again, and nothing happens. When i restart the app a second time the recording is gone. Seems to have started after the recent Roku update a week ago. Have rebooted everything but no joy.

I had this happen the other day just once. I think I was on my Win7 computer using my.tablotv.com.

Seriously? I’m sure you know this

As of January 14, 2020, PCs running Windows 7 no longer receive security updates.

Yes I know. It is powered off 95% of the time. Use it for Tablo ripping and editing.

but using it for …

requires internet access… connected to your home network aka LAN. Tablo ripping suggest your PC isn’t isolated. [search “how insecure is windows 7”]


Let me know when the Win 7 discussion is done so I can potentially get some help with my issue.

Sounds like this issue is related to the “Screen goes black” topic. No fix in that thread, we’re at Roku’s mercy I guess. :thinking:

Thanks. Yeah, other threads are popping up with similar issues. Some people get the black screen when a,program ends, while mine occurs when trying to delete a recorded program. I suspect the cause is the same.

My Ultra gets the black screen sporadically, but I can definitely reproduce the problem.

@mbellaire @PumpkinsDaddy

If you can catch a video of this happening and send it to support that would be helpful.


4 days w/out Community response :spiral_calendar:
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Video submitted.

@TabloTV - the takeaway is that once the Roku purple screensaver is activated it will go to the black screen when you hit the back button. You can continue to watch the program and use fast forward, but when you hit the back button or the video gets to the end a black screen will be displayed.

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Ah, so you’ve paused the recording and walked away for a period of time and then returned to finish the recording?


Thanks for that context! It’s important to know these things when trying to reproduce issues here.

TabloTV - my issue is similar but occurs at the end of a recorded program. When I try to delete it I get a black screen or the menu sits at the program description where you click delete. I have to exit the Roku app and go back in, then I find the program has been deleted.

@PumpkinsDaddy I will try that later today to see if I get the same black screen.

Update: I was unable to reproduce.