Unable to delete program

I have a Tablo [Tablo Dual LITE OTA DVR] with my own USB HD. I use Roku. I tried to delete an episode of a program I record daily. Instead of deleting it, it changed the option from “Delete” to “Stop,” and I don’t have any way of deleting this episdoe. Anyone have a solution for getting rid of this episode?

As a drastic measure I suppose I could reformat the HD on my computer to force Tablo to reformat it for its use upon reconnection. I realize I’d lose all existing recordings. But, would I also lose the settings I have for what programs to record and when and my channel lineup, or are they kept internally in the Tablo unit?

Thanks in advance,


It doesn’t work like you think it does!

Recording are stored on the drive but a DB of all the info and settings are stored internally.

So, while reformating your drive will wipe you recordings, they will still show up until, maybe, nightly maintenance mode.

Thanks, that helps. So if I don’t get an idea of how to delete the episode, I will try the HD route. Waiting for maintenance to remove entries is not a problem.

Incidentally, do you know if I simply do replace the HD with one that requires reformatting, will that be done simply, or will I have to go through some initialization step?

Thanks again.

Not knowing your specifics - I can’t say how to proceed, but wiping or replacing the drive isn’t your answer.

Not everyone uses the same app/device. The issue may or may not be the tablo… but your “viewing” app/device. Way too many variables to just say wipe your drive.

Given there was a ‘STOP’ button and ‘STOP’ is only available on recordings that are in-progress, I’m betting that you’ll now be able to delete the recording with no problem.

If you’re seeing something different, don’t hesitate to touch base with support.