Unable to connect

I was excited receiving my tablo until I spent hours trying to get it to connect. I initially hard wired to my netgear router, downloaded Roku app and attempted to connect. I received errors on my other connected devices about the internet being unstable. Roku tablo app said the channel would not work and an update was required via Ios or Android app. so i downloaded app to my android phone and to my kindle. i attempted to connect to tablo via those and was not able to. i then tried to connect via wifi after disconnecting the cat-5 and pushing the blue button to no avail. at least the unstable network error went away. I do have OPENDNS enabled, but nothing blocked at this time. 

any suggestions? I would really like to get this up an running but after almost 2 hrs dorking with just trying to connect I’m questioning the purchase.  oh, I am an electonics engineer by trade and degree and understand networks.  thx,

Have the Tablo wired and make sure your phone is on WiFi and connect using the Tablo app.  Once you connect your phone using Wifi, you will be able to connect using 3G/4G since Tablo currently uses pairing to authorize devices not currently on your local network and uses Tablo Connect.


If you can, switch back to a wired connection and reboot the Tablo by tapping the blue reset button once. 

Give it a few minutes and navigate to http://my.tablotv.com/ from a Chrome browser. Once you connect to your Tablo from there, you should receive a prompt to upgrade its firmware shortly after. Once this is done, you should be able to connect to the Tablo Roku channel.

Hope this helps. Give me a shout directly if you continue to have issues.