Unable to connect with MAC remotely

Hello all I finally got my remote access all set up but am not able to view anything remotely on my MAC when I log on it tells me no tablo found on network. I can access it with my smart phone but not my mac. Any suggestions?

I might add that I have a current subscription so that is not the problem. I go to tablotv.com on my MAC using Chrome and it tells me that there is no tablo connected to the network. When in reality it is connected and I can access via smart phone app

@bahadarrn - Do you have a VPN service running on your computer?

VPN service? I am not sure what you are asking

I am no longer connected remotely to my home computer. I am currently in a different state and tried to connect via my mac. I supposed I could remote into my home computer from here and access it, but I should not have to do that

@bahadarrn - Did you pair your Mac computer on the Tablo’s home network before you left?

No I did not. that is more thank likely the problem then. I did not think I would have to do that because I thought all I had to do was connect via tablotv.com and then go to the Web app

That is indeed correct, but you have to do it BEFORE you leave so your Tablo knows where to ‘find’ your device when it’s away.

More info here: https://www.tablotv.com/out-of-home-streaming/

Is there a way that I can remote into my home computer and sync while away?

@bahadarrn Some people have used a VPN to do this in the past, but there is no way to do that via regular Tablo methods.