Unable to connect via my.tablotv.com

So over the last few days, I’ve had reason to try to access my tablo from a browser here on my home network. Most of the time, I get “unable to connect” for some reason. This is from multiple computers… Anything going on at the server side? I really don’t want to reconfigure since my Roku can find it just fine, and my Tablo Ripper seems to be doing fine finding it also… and that accounts for 95% of my access needs…

It is running on a wired connection by the way.

Remembering an odd issue in years past with a security plug-in, I tried disabling my Avast Online Security & Privacy plugin, and magically my.tablotv.com worked. I then turned it back on, and started getting the connection error again, so it is a compatibility problem with the Avast plugin…
Avast Online Security & Privacy - Chrome Web Store

Not sure what Tablo is doing with the linking, but it doesn’t work with Duck Duck Go Security Essentials, and now doesn’t work with Avast’s plugin… Frustrating…

Well, that was premature. Seems I just got a coincidental lucky connection when I disabled that plugin. It is intermittently working / not working regardless of the plugin status. So yeah, same browser session can connect sometimes, not others … weird.

Try clearing the cache/history for my.tablotv.com on the browser, or try a different browser.

One other option, there is a Tablo app for Windows 10, so you could also try that (find in the MS Store).

Appreciate the suggestion, but the problem was persisting (intermittently) even with the Win10 app and with different browsers/different computers, and in incognito mode. And clearing cache had no effect.

Intermittent seems to be the key. Right now I have (after 8 tries) a successful connection in my incognito window, but my main browser will not connect. But yesterday, it connected fine… really odd…

So in the on-going saga of “sometimes it connects, other times it doesn’t”, I just got hit with the error, and I see this very odd screen. There is my Tablo name MoHoelX, but then below there are two “new” Tablos… Tablo and Tablo2? I only own one. There is only one on my network. It is hardwired… What gives? And, oh by the way, they are here one minute, gone the next…


That seems like a clue. I have never saw extra devices show up. I wonder if the web app is trying to connect to those ghost devices. That could explain the intermittent behavior.

That’s quite odd. I’d encourage you to contact our support team with a link to this thread - and be sure to share your Tablo’s MAC address with our team, they’ll be able to take a closer look the way. You can send us a ticket here.

Those are the names of 2 of my tablos. If you click really fast on tablo2 you might be able to watch a few episodes of Mr. Ed.

Of course maybe I should enable remote connect first - Oh Wilber.

Ticket submitted per request @TabloSupport .

Just saw the email requesting to put my Tablo in Remote Access mode. Assuming Support doesn’t work these issues on the weekend, I’ll do so in the a.m. and respond to the email.