Two things I'd like to see on the Tablo

I’d like to be able to record a program I’m watching live. Many times you may be in the middle of a program and you want to record it. You have to leave the program and setup the recording in another area. I would like to be able to record from the program quickly and without leave the program. The second thing I would like is being able to skip commercials and see when it ends. If I have those two things I would be very happy.


I would also like to record what’s in the buffer. The ability to rewind to the beginning of the buffer and record the show without leaving it to go to the guide. My DirecTV DVR had this function - record what is currently showing plus anything pertaining to the show already in the buffer. My wife leaves the Tablo on the Roku displaying a channel and when she sees something that catches her eye wants to record it but doesn’t get the whole show even though it’s sitting in the buffer.

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There is a Feature Requests section (which this thread will probably be moved to).

Both are good suggestions and have been requested before.
Recording the Live show you are watching and FFW previews while watching Live.

I’m new to Tablo and was very surprised to find out that it couldn’t record the show you are watching. Backing out to the guide to record the show causes the recording to start at the time you hit record, which means everything you’ve watched until that point is lost. It’s very common to be watching a show and see something you want to save for later, so you hit record to save it. It never even occurred to me that a DVR wouldn’t have that feature.

YOU can record what you are watching if the recording was set up earlier.

I get that, but that’s not the point. You don’t always record what you watch on live TV. Sometimes you decide you want to record it after you’ve started to watch it.

In this case, you aren’t recording what you are watching, you are watching what you are (already) recording.

This request has been seen by @TabloTV in the past couple of months, Help Switching from Live to Recording. I did this all the time with my (pay service) DVR’s. As stated, if you’ve been watching the channel anyway, the program’s already in the buffer so it shouldn’t be too hard to retrieve that info for recording.

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Just wanted to add my 2-cents worth and say I would like these features to. Never hurts to ask, eh? (Oh. Sorry. That wasn’t meant as a lame American joke about Canadian speech habits. But since I’m an older, lame American, maybe it was? :grin:)


I have a question. I am fairly new to Tablo, like about 4 months, and my question is why do so many people watch Live TV on Tablo and not directly from their TV. When I had cable I had lines to all my tv’s connected from a central location. So when I bought Tablo I just added another line to Tablo for recording purposes. Is the reason, people watch Live TV on Tablo because they don’t have lines to all their tv’s or is there something I am missing. I love my Tablo and I have never had any issues with it the way I use it for recording only. Just curious why people watch Live TV.

The reason why I watch Live TV on a DVR (TiVo in my case) is because, if halfway thru the show I decide I want it, I just hit record and it records what is in the buffer and the rest of the show.

Hopefully someday Tablo will do the same.

The pause, rewind, and fast forward buttons.

There could be a number of reasons depending on personal preferences.

1 Not everybody has coax lines to all of their tv’s. If I decide I want to watch live TV on my back deck I can just take my Roku tv out there and all I need is a power outlet. Note, I’ve never done this, but hey if I want to I can.

2 Instead of switching between sources it’s convenient to just leave the tv source on Roku or whatever you have and just use the Roku UI to navigate between tablo (live or recorded), sling, Netflix, Hulu, etc…

3 Being able to pause or rewind live TV is a nice feature to have. Coming from cable or dish that’s something most people have already gotten used to.

4 The detailed grid guide.

Some have several TV and not at good antenna location. I’ve put antennas directly on two tvs even though they don’t get channel 62 or 17.