Two requests to the Tablo Team

First I would like a feature added to the phone/tablet apps that would allow me to download for offline viewing. Similar to the way the Amazon Prime app now does.

My second request is to plead to the Tablo team to keep the current Roku app supported for those of us with older hardware. I have the older Roku 2 and the preview app runs really slow and I would prefer to have the current app still supported. Even if you must remove features and limit it to Live TV and Recordings.

Love the product!

Already requested multiple times and is on the road map.

When the Preview Tablo channel becomes the public channel in the Channel Store, what I hope will happen is the Original Tablo channel will become a ‘Tablo Classic’ channel on the Roku which will be only a private channel no longer available in the Channel Store. So for those who want it, can still use it.

I don’t see this being an issue, but they will no longer support it, as in no future updates to fix it if there are issues.

A work around for this until it gets implemented directly via Tablo is to install Plex Media Server on a PC at home and the Plex app on your tablet/phone. If you use the Tablo Ripper utility another member of this forum designed, you can copy the desired video off Tablo and onto your PC into the directory you setup for TV shows in Plex Media Server. Then, Plex will pick it up and add it to its library and you can use the Plex sync function to copy it to your tablet. You can then view it anytime offline via the Plex app on your tablet.


Jestep’s Tablo Exporter is also great for extracting shows from the Tablo.

That’s exactly the plan :slight_smile:

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