Two remote streaming iPads - One gets bumped

My wife & I travel to the gym occasionally - or - on vacation. We both try to remotely view shows from our iPads while on the same remote location ISP & the first user always gets bumped. Regardless how slow I set the remote streaming quality and how much BW the remote ISP has, we cannot seam to have both work simultaneously remotely. Is this by design or a flaw?

btw, I am a 4-tuner Tablo power user since day one. Love the device and glad that you have made great strides in making it extremely stable.

On each individual iPad, Set the Remote Streaming Quality (RSQ) to Full Quality.

What is your recording quality set to btw? And what is your upload speed of internet at home where the Tablo is?

Recording Quality is set to HD 720 - 5Mbps and I generally try to reduce my RSQ to 2 Mbps or less with no results. You say that I should increase it to Full Quality, correct?

You still haven’t answered what is the upload speed of the Internet connection at the location of the Tablo.

To remotely stream to 2 devices when using a RQ of 5 Mbps with a RSQ of FQ, your upload speed should be at least 11-12 Mbps (10 Mbps exactly likely won’t cut it for 2 simultaneous streams).

Also, are you two just trying to watch Live TV or Completed Recordings?

Upload speed is approximately 15 Mbps. I watch rrecordiings. she watches live

If I reduce my RSQ to 1Mbps, My upload speed should be more than enough

Watching Live TV at a RSQ less than FQ uses 2 tuners. 1 to convert the original stream to the 5 Mbps h.264 video, then 1 more to convert the h.264 recording to the 2 Mbps RSQ.

Try the FQ setting on both iPads. Should work.

Thanks. Will do

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Somewhat counter intuitive but now it makes sense.

Remote streaming at FQ when only watching completed recordings should in theory use no tuners. Read this:

I quote:

“The number of remote connections that the Tablo can support is limited to one remote connection, IF any other recording quality [RSQ] other than ‘full quality’ is selected. This is because any other recording quality will require the Tablo to re-transcode the video while it sends it to your remote device.”