Two corrupted shows - cannot delete

I have two corrupted shows of The Big Bang Theory that I cannot delete. If additional shows record, I cannot see them on the Amazon Fire TV app; however, I can see them on the Kindle Fire app. I can delete the additional shows from the Kindle Fire app, but it still shows Season 7 being listed with no recordings listed. I have gone into my Tablo via TabloIP:18080/pvr, and I have found the culprits. They are in folders 297754 and 306758. I have found no way to delete them. Until they are gone, I cannot watch any Big Bang Theory on my TV. Any suggestions, other than resetting and losing all other recorded shows? (I can watch recordings of any shows except Big Bang Theory.)

Never mind. While I was at my computer, I downloaded the Tablo app for PC. I was able to see the two corrupted episodes (two copies with the same title), and I was able to delete them. All is well now, I think.