Twitter wins broadcast rights NFL Thursday

What does football look like when streamed across the Internet? A friend subscribed to SlingTV last year to get ESPN for the college football championship and said that it was OK most of the time but there were moments of jerky motion and freezing. Also the tiling effect of the field when MP4 compression kicked in gave the image a VCR like feeling. But being a Bama fan, he said he could live with those effects…

BTW how is the video quality for the other streamed sports networks such as MLB, NHL and NBA? Does the speed and continuity of the motion of different sports affect the video (e.g. hockey vs baseball)?

Also wondering if different devices (e.g. Roku vs Nexus Player vs Nvidia) affect the quality of sports video when there is constant movement?

I just got MLB TV for free as a T Mobile subscriber, and have been checking it out the past couple of days. Quality is outstanding, and it’s full HD. I’m hoping T Mobile strikes a similar deal with the NFL when football season rolls around.

I dont know how they are going to fit the entire game play into 140 characters.


Unfortunately, Twitter only got the right to stream the CBS and NBC games. We can already get those on antenna. It appears the NFL Network games will not be available to stream, which would have been the useful part of streaming Thursday Night Football.

You misunderstood… streaming content will be done in short 140 second segments.

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That’s going to be a lot of tweets

The live streams won’t be available in Canada due to an existing agreement with Rogers Communications Inc., which has exclusive rights to broadcast the Thursday contests on television.

There are certain sportscasters I wish were limited to 140 characters (or fewer).

I’ve mobile streamed ‘great deal of sports content over the years and the current crop of player platforms on smaller screens with robust wireless data service makes for a very watchable picture.

Trouble is when you attempt to scale the picture up to a larger monitor/screen. The result is a poor screen image and often wrong size.

Lesson is, mobile means mobile. It just won’t look very good if/when outputted to larger screens and TVs.

My Tablo use pattern is that while I record sports events (mostly NFL) for possible archive when possible I generally watch live sports events directly on HDTV. Sports are real time and direct OTA is better picture than any DVR. Sports’ is the only TV programming I watch in this way.

New users should do themselves a favor when installing Tablo and be sure to split the antenna cable feed to both Tablo and HDTV tuner. Much better channel surfing experience this way and it also provides a quick way to A/B test your antenna in the event you suspect signal strength/quality.

This just in… Microsoft’s “O’Tay” will be watching the stream…

re: splitting the feed

I personally have both HDHromeRun tuners set up for live, as well as Tablo for the DVR functionality…