TV will still have tuner

“Several major TV manufacturers have recently started to make TVs without tuners. This has left many cord cutters concerned about the future of free over-the-air TV.”

A friend recently needed a tuner for his home theater projector. We found this one for only $34 and it works fine: Mediasonic HW180STB.

It acts as a digital converter for older non-HD TVs but also passes through 720 and 1080. It even has primitive DVR capabilities with a daily guide. For $34 we had his projector doing OTA! Mixed reviews on Amazon (though YouTube has some good demos) but we took a chance for that price and it has been doing fine. Our attitude is if it craps out, fine, we’ll just get another one for that money.

My guess is that TV manufacturers such as Vizio are expecting ATSC 3.0 in the near future so why saddle TVs with ATSC 1.0 circuitry? They are banking on third party companies filling in the tuner void.

Mediasonic HW will do the job but its cheap and the performance/polish reflects that.

I don’t think these guys are thinking as far ahead as ATSC 3.0 though. I think they are banking on streaming dominating the future of media consumption. ATSC is still a ways out from being the standard.