TV Show search

It appears that the search doesn’t work with numbers. For example, 24, I can’t search for 24. I had to manually scroll down to find it.

Another example “2 Broke Girls”, if I enter “2 Broke” it doesn’t find anything, if I enter “Broke Girls” it finds the show. But since 24 is only numbers, and no words, you can’t find it from the search.

I couldn’t really find any other numbered shows to test it on…

@Max, I searched “Twenty” and “Twenty Four” and the show 24 came up on the search.  I also found that the full list of shows has to load before the search function will work.

@icampell Interesting, that did work, thanks! It just doesn’t work with numbers, I’ll keep that in mind.

Good feedback guys - we’ll see if we can get that fixed.