TV show/Movie Filters for Active Channels

This may have been brought up already but wanted to point this out. I excluded many channels under “Active Channels” for those that aren’t getting a great signal or if they are different languages.

The problem I’m noticing is that the “TV show” categories and movies are still picking up these channels. So I may see “Men in Black” coming up but after I click on the picture, the description is in spanish and I no longer want to record it. Its from one of the channels that I’ve excluded.

@strav22 - Which device are you seeing this on? Can you provide more information about which channel you’ve excluded but is still being picked up?

Once we know this we’ll be able to investigate further.

Looking back now, I missed one channel and fixed it. Total PEBKAC.


This was a new one on me… :laughing:

Glad to hear you got it resolved.

You are Welcome, I work in support as well.