TV gets channels, Tablo doesn't

I keep trying to set up the Tablo and get frustrated and put it away for a month. Trying again. Here’s my problem.
I get over 20 channels very clearly on the TV. The first time I ran the Tablo scan to get the guide, I got 4. It kept telling me to download the upgrade. I did. Now I get no channels detected. I plug it back into the TV… still get over 20 channels.
The problem is that this could be anything! I’m so frustrated that I’m about to put it away for month again! Any suggestions as to where to start?

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My guess would be that your antenna signal is marginal. Your TV has a single tuner. Your Tablo has two or four depending on which unit you have. That means the incoming signal is divided before the tuners in the Tablo. While the Tablo has a preamp to help with the lowered signal, it can only help so much, particularly if the signal is very low. How far from the transmitting towers are you and what kind of antenna are you using? If the signal strength is the problem, a better antenna (or possibly relocating the one you have) might be in order.

Don’t give up … it’s worth it to get over the install hurdles

Did you try putting the Tablo in the same position as your TV?