Tuning wrong channel (ancient thread)

So i’m not having very good luck.  Playing with the web app, when i chose NBC, its actually tuning in PBS. 

The Tablo is trying to make you smarter by forcing you to watch public television.   :wink:

lol.  In the midst of pure frustration with this thing today, you managed to make me laugh :slight_smile:

@tacopeland - Sorry your Tablo’s giving you fits. :frowning:  Your issues were the subject of a lunch debate today. We’re hoping to get to the bottom of things. 

Odd… I have not seen this issue occur a single time.

Whats the verdict or outcome of the lunch discussion @TabloTV

We’re still investigating. Sounds very weird. Certainly not something we’ve seen before. 

What ever happened here? I’m having this problem now.

Have you done a rescan of channels lately? Many areas in the U.S. are going through a federally mandated re-pack of channels, and some channels have moved to new “real” frequencies.

Yep, as @jimzix mentioned, the OTA channel repack is causing some issues like this now. We definitely recommend running a channel scan. If you have issues after that, send us a note.