Tuner sensitivity

Does Tablo publish a dB sensitivity for their products?

I’m comparing its performance to TVs on the same antenna.

Psssst… Tablo tuner sensitivity question

“Psssst”? Did you spring a leak??


Yes, I saw that post.

I did not see where it states the sensitivity and noise rejection specifications?

Surely at some point Engineering hooked a finished unit up to a signal generator to measure its performance? They should at least know what the insertion loss for the splitter is.

Hopefully you do that in production as a QC check too?

I know TV makers are annoyingly reluctant to publish specifications since that would reveal who makes crap.

I can get the ball rolling: I have been testing a digital amplified antenna - model is in another post I have here - using my Samsung 60" F5500 model TV. This TV shows signal strength in Decibels. And while Samsung does not publish anyplace I have found yet WHAT their performance specs are, I can tell you from their own display that this TV craps out around 15 dB.

I can also tell you that from Ajax, Ontario a Strong signal (like TVO) is 30-35 dB. Hamilton (CHCH 11) is 20-25 dB. WNED (17) and NBC (2) are weak at 18 - worse they are pulsing between 16 and 20 Db.

When a rain storm comes between me and New York, the signals drop. Bad storms wipe out most of my NY stations (17 and 2 etc.)

Pulsing signal is another question: How well can the Tablo handle it?

I have a table of signal measurements I can post if anybody wants to know.

I’m having trouble with just one signal, our local FOX outlet. On AntennaPoint.com I get:

KDFW FOX 35 4.1 UHF 1000.0 kW Dallas 39.90 mi 204.78°
KTXA INDEPENDENT 29 21.1 UHF 1000.0 kW Fort Worth 39.73 mi 202.61°
KXAS-TV NBC 41 5.1 UHF 1000.0 kW Fort Worth 39.46 mi 203.98°

Almost all the TV towers are in the same place (Cedar Hill). KTXA and KXAS both come through fine on the Tablo but FOX (UHF 35) (4.1) doesn’t though it has the same power and almost same location. I can receive it fine on stand alone TVs without pixelation. Does the Tablo just have bad sensitivity on channel 35? I read the posts about how sensitive the tuner is and I would tend to agree with it except for this one station. The only thing different about FOX is they are only 720P and the rest of the stations are 1080i. Do I have a bad unit and need to send it back or anything else to look at?

You should have started a new thread for this question, since it is totally unrelated to the discussion here.

But your here now, so lets move on.

When you scan channels and Tablo gives you a big list of what it found, and asks you to PICK which ones you want to add, is it listed there but un-checked by default?

I have noticed Tablo does not auto-check stations below its “quality threshold” - whatever that is.

However, if its on that list you can manually check it for addition to your line up.

I have also had problems with KDFW Fox 4. I was out for breakfast and they too were having problems with channel 4. All the other Dallas stations work fine. To me it looks like the issue is with them since it has always been an intermittent problem for me, Geo is near Addison.