Tuner input signal level

Hi all

I have a reality check question about the tuner input dynamic range. Tablo support indicates (graphically) that anything over - 50dBm is “too strong”. Is that for real? If true that would make a great many urban installations impossible without attenuation. For antenna design purposes what is the real tuner input requirements?

I’d love some technical details here, too. I live about 3 miles from a tower that has a 1000kw station broadcasting on physical channel 48, and a 4kw LD station broadcasting on physical channel 49. That’s a 23dB difference. On my new LG TV, I can clearly watch either channel, the Tablo does fine with the high power station, but typically fails on the low power station. I’ve looked at the broadcast signals on a spectrum analyzer and channel 48 looks clean. So, this suggests that either the Tablo receiver lacks the dynamic range of the LG receiver, or it has problems with selectivity. Although I have not tried putting an attenuator in-line, I have moved the antenna so that the broadcast tower is off boresight to reduce received power, and that has not helped.

It is very annoying that we can watch a program on our TV, but we cannot record it.