Trying to get set up and wondering if I should wait to buy Tablo

Hi there! So, I was all set to purchase the 4 tuner Tablo until I started reading the forums about the Firmware issue.

I have the following already:

  1. 3 streaming boxes: a Roku 3 (4200X)- wireless, no SD card; another Roku given to me (either Roku 2 or 3- don’t have it yet); and the current/last generation Apple TV but don’t have any other apple products so I guess I cannot use Tablo for this?; I most likely will purchase the new FireTV for 3rd option to take apple TV’s spot. I will have a total of 3 TVs.
  2. A suggested Hard Drive: Seagate 5TB Expansion Desktop Model #STEB5000100 / SRD0NF2
  3. Asus Router RT-N66U
  4. Internet speed 25Mbps
  5. An HD antenna (Antennas Direct ClearStream4 HDTV Antenna) which works great!

With that listed, I have 2 questions:

  1. Are the items I’ve listed sufficient to run Tablo efficiently and w/out running into the firmware issues being discussed?
  2. If it looks like the issues folks have had with Roku/Tablo is something I should expect then should I wait to purchase the Tablo until the firmware is fixed?

My fear is that I will waste money on an item that is not ready for use with my existing products and I really don’t have extra funds to spend on an item that may only work part of the time or get me so frustrated that I don’t use it at all (which is what I feel would happen if I had the firmware issues those that use Roku are running into).

Thanks in advance for your comments!

They just released a new preview channel for the Roku. I haven’t upgraded yet but did run the beta of it. Some of us had a weird noise on Roku 2700x when going to commercial but not on the Roku 3. Also Roku 4 is going to be released soon.

IMHO, you’re good to go. True there are some bugs being worked out, but generally speaking, it works great!

My specs are far far less that what you have. And we’re very satisfied (though I do wish for an outdoor antenna, we’re really really far away and my indoor amp’d antenna isn’t able to get everything I want).

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@cjcox what antenna do you have? Does your antenna claim both UHF and VHF? Changing my antenna gave me the channels I was missing.

It’s a indoor leaf in a window. Yep… I know it can’t do VHF. But one key UHF is just a bit too far out of range. I’m about 45 miles from any tower. I have used a set of ampified rabbit ears to pull in that one VHF, but that was from upstairs in a non ideal location for my Tablo. I am working on getting an outdoor antenna and hopefully then I won’t have any more issues.

I suggest getting an antenna that is both UHF and VHF. I learned that display channel 62 is broadcast on VHF channel 13 in Austin, TX. Are you sure that the UHF station is broadcasting on UHF? Yes, I know it is a display UHF channel.

Looks like you have everything you need. I would just make sure that your antenna is able to pull in all the channels that you want… prior to getting my Tablo and canceling DirecTV, I had been playing around with my antenna for over a year. Once I was satisfied that it would do the job for me, I bought the Tablo and evaluated that for about a month… then I cut the cord. So, even though your antenna looks good, you just need to verify placement and capability in your unique situation. Other than that, your router looks more than capable. These are the two areas that I think are responsible for most issues people are having, reception and networking. You should have no issues with Roku and the preview channel. I have 4 Roku sticks, and they are working well for me. My experience with Tablo, having been using it for about 4 months now has been extremely positive. Having performed near flawlessly throughout the summer, it’s getting its first real test this week with the start of the new season. Lots of new and returning shows, and Tablo has been performing flawlessly, meeting my expectation, and I have come to rely quite heavily on it.

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Thanks folks for your replies. I feel much more confident going forward with my Tablo purchase now!

Re: my Antenna- The antenna I have works great on the two TV’s that’s currently wired in the house. The third TV was externally wired by DISH so when I cut the cord I’ll have to rewire that part.

I live in a 2 story w/attic and I’m about 35-45 miles away from the TV towers. This antenna is set up in my attic. The channel I was most worried about not getting was CBS (since that’s the farthest) and I get it crystal clear. I also get other large burb communities besides the one I was aiming for (Chicago was my aim- I’m about 40 miles west of Chicago). Once I cut the Dish, I will move the antenna to the external Dish location and just use their coax lines. I predict I’ll get even better reception at that point. The antenna claims 70+ miles. This one is actually larger than the one I was going to purchase (same brand but 1/2 the size with a range of 45 miles) however Best Buy messed up my order and gave me the larger antenna for the same price (Sweeet!). But still, the antenna I purchased is roughly $125 on Amazon and the smaller version is $100. So that’s the antenna I’d recommend for using.

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Elevation and unobstructed LOS (line of sight) are the best formulas for antennae performance. It sounds like you’re already there with a decent antennae installation and the Tablo tuner should be comparable to what you’re already seeing.

If reception is worse than your current TV’s don’t hesitate to open a ticket with Tablo support. They can do a lot and help insure everything has the best opportunity to work properly.

And if you plan to stream to mobile devices outside the home network, definitely setup manual addressing in the router for Tablo. It’s not hard and here again Tablo support can facilitate.

My only other comment/suggestion would be to use wire/cable Ethernet connection between Tablo-router and position the Tablo device on it’s edge with plenty of room for air to circulate around the unit.

Stick around, post your experience - good or bad it all helps make for a better product. Enjoy!