Trying to decide

Good morning.

I’m trying to decide between the Tablo and the new Tivo Bolt. I know I’m in the Tablo forums so opinion might be somewhat skewed. But any information or opinions that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the help.

The Tivo Bolt, especially with the lifetime subscription, is too expensive for me. Technology in this area is changing very quickly and I don’t want to make too big of an investment in equipment that might have a short shelf life. I justified the Tablo (with lifetime subscription) by dumping cable and saving over $120 a month. Even though I subscribed to Sling (and already had Amazon Prime), I can get payback in less than six months. That is a technology investment I can live with.

With Tablo, you might get a couple bumps and bruises along the way, but I have learned that you never install a firmware update until 30 days after it becomes available to the general public. Watch the forums, see what issues people are having with the new firmware, and have the discipline to wait out the 30 days. This will save you from most of the issues people are having. I am happily using the 2.1.30 firmware, patiently waiting for 2.2.5 to come out (at which time the 30 day countdown begins).

My Tablo dependably records OTA broadcasts, which is about 85% of the TV that we watch. We pick up the other 15% with Sling and Amazon Prime. Too bad I can’t somehow find a way to have my Tablo magically record shows aired on Sling . . . then my Tablo would be perfect. I just hate sitting through commercials . . .