Trying to connect 2nd Tablo

I was so impressed with the Tablo Dual Lite that I went out and got a second one. I followed all the steps (connected via ethernet), but I don’t see the second Tablo on I don’t see a search or add button. What do I have to do to find this device? They are on the same network (plugged in and sitting right next to each other).

You need to disconnect from the 1st Tablo. :slight_smile:

Got it, thanks, that was it.

I’m going to guess.

Since I have multiple tablos you move between tablo units by using the tablo app disconnect option at the bottom of the menu. Roku you just use the back botton and fire tv stick preview at the bottom of the settings page.

If you don’t perform a tablo app disconnect the tablo apps does not enter the outer menu that allows for specific tablo connect and search. It will just connects/enters to the last tablo used.

And don’t forget to specify a unique name for your tablos or the outer menu will confuse you. To prevent my own insanity I always leave/exit my tablos apps via disconnect.

Ok, thanks for that info. I understand I will have to disconnect to jump between the two, just didn’t realize that for initial setup. Another question… once set up, does the guide data stay up to date on both automatically? I’m using the second Tablo as a live TV/backup DVR to the first (in case I have conflicts).

Each tablo is it’s own planet circling it’s own sun.

They can have the same channel line up or a different channel line up. But both will sync it’s guide data independent of the other in the middle of the night.

Thanks for that, nice to know.

That also means that whether by design or accident the settings between multiple tablo units can be different.