Trying Tablo Again - Buffering Issues

In theory I love the idea of Tablo. I am trying to use Roku for all of my TV needs and I don’t like the idea of having to switch back and forth between the Roku and TV for ota broadcasts. With Tablo I simply close one app like Sling and open another. Great!

I tried Tablo before and didn’t like the experience. What I noticed was it was constantly buffering; sometimes every three to five seconds. The Tablo was ever hardwired into my network!!!

I use the Roku3 and Roku4 both of which are hardwired too. Yet, I kept dealing with the buffering issues.

This was again on the Roku 3 and 4 and I could imagine how bad it would be on the Roku Streaming Stick.

I wrote support at the time and couldn’t find manageable solutions. I had no choice but to return it.

I know in time technology changes, so should I have it another change? Or does anybody have some suggestions? Some things I might want to try?

I have zero buffering problems with my Roku 3 boxes and my Roku Premeire+. There was an issue in the past because of the Roku firmware, but that all is fixed. You may want to try it again.

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Agreed, it sounds like you may have had the issues during one of Rokus wonderful firmware update issues…

The last few updates have been solid and the majority no longer have any buffering issues.

I still see it come up occasionally but in almost all cases they are on Wifi so I would think the issue was likely an interference / signal strength one…

I have been in both shoes myself, even when Roku had their firmware issues, my primary Tablo worked 99.9% of the time. Tablo wired, all Rokus connected via WiFi.

A few months later I got a second Tablo (for my parents). Connected the same way, Tablo wired, Rokus on Wifi… But even though the Roku firmware issue was resolved by then, it took me a FULL weekend to stop the buffering.

I ALMOST gave up but about 11PM on a Sunday night, I finally found the issue (documented in more detail elsewhere but essentially I had to deactivate the routers “SMART” Wifi Routing and force the Rokus to connect to a dedicated 5Ghz signal on a channel NOT occupied but the Rokus Wifi Remotes).

Wired you should be good to go now.

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Just want to say the Tablo software has come a long way. I really have noticed improvements and the unique works without buffering issues!!! My wife claims the picture quality seems a little downgraded from going straight from the antenna to the TV but honestly, I don’t see it.

Anyone having buffering issues with Tablo-2 and Amazon Fire stick using local wi-fi?