Trouble connecting iPhone

My fireTVs are working and connecting to 4th gen 4 tuner and I was having trouble connecting to Tablo with my iPhone so I decided to delete the Tablo app from my iPhone and reinstall the app but now it seems to want to locate the Tablo through the Tablo_xxx wifi even though I put in my user ID and password to my account and connected as if this was the first time I’m setting it up. I tried resetting the Tablo by pressing the button underneath but the Tablo boots normal and my phone can’t seem to see it because the blue light goes from blinking quick to solid and never shows the Tablo _xxx wifi. I’m not looking to do a full reset on the Tablo.

This just started happening today and nothing had changed on my network so I don’t know why my phone was having trouble finding and connecting.

Do you have any suggestions?

Are you sure your phone is on the right Wifi network?

Yes, I only have 1 wifi and I verified my phone wifi and the wifi the fireTVs are connected to. All the same. I even pinged the Tablo ip displayed in settings for the Tablo device and it has no trouble pinging from my phone.

So you can connect to your Tablo on your firestick, but not the iPhone, right?



After deleting the Tablo app from my iPhone and reinstalling it, it can’t find the Tablo device to connect to and then the install goes into the mode as if this is an initial install and asks to go into wifi settings and look for Tablo_xxxx wifi which only happens the very first time you install the Tablo device.

I would try two things:

(well, sorta 3):
Force quitting the app, clearing data & cache, trying again
Uninstall, reboot phone, reinstall
Last resort (cuz it’s just super friggin’ annoying… trick the Tablo into a network switch and “set it up” again…

Just my two shekel’s worth.

Are you talking about uninstalling from fireTVs and clearing the data and cache from those?

When I deleted the app the first time I told it to keep the data but when that didn’t work I deleted the app for the iPhone again and told it to delete the data and cache from the phone and reinstalled and it did the same thing again.

I was talking about the iPhone.

I know it sounds stupid, but try to uninstall the app (and its data, cuz there really isn’t any Tablo data to worry about), then reboot the phone. See if a fresh install from this point give you anything different.

Remind me … is your Tablo on wifi or ethernet?

Tablo is on wifi. The antenna is at one end of the house and the router is at the other so had to do wifi.

Knowing you, you’re already tried rebooting the modem and router?

Yeah… IDK, it’s just your phone, though… prolly pointless.

Yup, did that. I also went into admin on the router and everything looks normal.

I thought so, just hard to remember!

Well… if the iPhone reboot then reinstall doesn’t work, and you’ve got a few minutes where you won’t need the internet, maybe it’s worthwhile to go through the setup again?

I tried to go through the setup as if it was an initial install again but it can’t seem to get past that one step where it looks for the initial Tablo wifi (Tablo _xxxx) and the only way I can think of it working is by doing a hard reset on the Tablo device and then treat it like I just got it out of the box. Not exactly a great solution especially if this happens when I have a lot of recordings.

I was trying to avoid doing that so if you know of another way to get Tablo device to display the initial wifi ssid so I can complete a fresh install from an iphone that would be great.

While it sounds scary, it’s not. The Tablo is already set up, and as you go through the steps you’ll see this.

The hardest part is the timing of tricking the Tablo into a network error. When it gives the proper flashing light (the app will tell you, but I think it’s the pulsing one), you’ll be on your way.

(Good thing I’ve done this like 4 times!)

So since you’re starting completely over, I would clear your app data again first, just so nothing gets hung up anywhere.

But know that you’re going to have to turn off whatever router it’s connected to.

You can try just disconnecting the router (turning it off) and first seeing if it gives you a connection error… then from there you should be able to process the setup again.

I haven’t done this in a couple of weeks, but if it doesn’t work like this…

I’ve also needed to press the reset button because it was taking too long to time out. When it pulses like it does during your original setup, open your app and go through all the steps to set up your network. I think you have to rescan for channels, but that’s okay…

Ok. I’ll give it a try.

Leave your hard drive in like you’re doing a regular reboot, though… I don’t want you to lose anything!

And obviously, if this doesn’t work, just reconnect the router, reboot, and scream at Tablo for a broken iPhone app!

Lol. I’m sure their ears are already ringing from other issues.

… what other issues?

Are you implying there might be something else that doesn’t work properly on the 4th gen?!

:astonished: :exploding_head: :face_holding_back_tears: :cry: :sob:

… getting nervous with every passing moment of your silence.

We didn’t break the Tablo, did we?