Trial programming Guide empty (Help)

Hi. I’m new with Tablo. I have just finalized my first set-up but I realized that I have not the channels’ trial programming guide. Everything is empty. I have waited until 2 hours and nothing new happened. I have re-scheduled it, nothing new. I have reboot the Tablo, nothing happened. Do you know what do I need to do ?.

Thanks guys…

Did you buy it new or from a person? In any case contact support and they will fix you up.

I bought my Tablo in Amazon last week. It’s new one.

What’s your zip code and are there others in your area you could try on Tablo? The EPG provider they use goes by zip codes. Hope that fixes it.

I typed my zip code and this was recognized. Then after the channel scan and the click to “add to guide” button the message updating guide show up.

The update guide can sometimes take it a little while. I got impatient with it. Please post in the morning if you have guide data. Also you might want to rescan the channels monthly (or more or less) to see if any new channels pop up, like what’s been happening in Austin, TX. Sometimes, if the network drags their feet getting the information to the guide provider, it will be missing, though you can create a fake station if you know the network. For example, I found ION network channels using google then went to to create a schedule. Not perfect, but it will allow you to at least make manual recordings. If you create an account, you can save your channel lineup and also create multiple lineups (OTA and SlingTV for example).

I changed my Zip code to one near my home and the Guide started to works !.

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Glad I was able to help. You might want to give @TabloTV your zip code so he can pass it to the guide provider. That way if others in your area with the same zip code get a Table they won’t have the problem.

Yes, Ill do that. Thanks beatsman

Yes - please do @Venboy!