Travelling with a Tablo

What set up problems may I encounter travelling with a travel trailer where I have a new zip code every night. Say 300 miles away from the last stop.
Is it just a case of setting the new location zip and scanning,then programming my selection for recording?

@Marbil146 - Yes, you’ll basically have to reset your location every time to make sure you have the correct data. The harder part will be ensuring that you have adequate internet for streaming.

One of the Tablo’s “quirks” should be helpful to you in your situation.  When you select a show to record, it doesn’t record by channel number/station.   So if you set up a recording of the Simpsons, for example, at the start of your trip, it should find and record the Simpsons no matter where you are without having to set up the recording every time you switch locations.

The main downside that I see to moving around constantly is that it make take an hour or so to update your guide data.  You would also be downloading a full 2 weeks worth of guide data every day (instead of just a single day if you stay at the same location).  That could be a problem if you are using cell phone data to update.