Transferring to new hard drive

How do I transfer my recorded programs to a new hard drive?
Using a Mac, btw.

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Is this even possible? On a mac?

There are some tools to pull the recordings from the Tablo to save to a Media Library. Some of those work on a Mac. I use SurLaTablo to do that. See Third Party Apps (Rippers etc.) - TabloTV Community

To actually transfer them to a new drive and install that drive in the Tablo is much harder. And requires using a system that can deal with Linux-style file systems (ext3 or ext4 I think). It can be done on a Mac, but requires third-party software. And it’s tricky at best.

Oh, one other thing. I don’t think any of the apps work with the new White Gen4 systems.

Sadly, zero reason to “buy one”. However, I will gladly “receive one”. No guarantees of course. My “thought” is because Scripps is a broadcaster, they’ll make sure this is never possible (that is, even if it’s “possible” for the moment, they’ll fight to make sure it’s not possible in the future).

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Yeah, I’m not planning on getting one either. I have an original 4-tuner, and a backup Quad. No HDMI or Gen4 models.

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