Transferring recorded shows from one hdd to another

I need more storage capacity for my Tablo. I have nearly 1 TB of data stored on a 1TB hdd and would like to see if I can somehow transfer the stored data to a larger hdd? I have a MAC running the latest software 10.13.3 and am not sure it will recognize the EXT4 format which Tablo creates. Anyone have any experience or thoughts? For the record, I simply wish to transfer the files from one hdd to another and do not wish to permanently store the data on a computer. Thank you for your thoughts!

Long thread on this here: How to migrate to a bigger drive?

Also other threads. Search for “clone”.

Feature request @TabloTV - It would be totally awesome if plugging in a second HDD was treated like the Dual in that the old drive goes into a read-only state and the second drive takes over.

The newer Tablo units only have 1 USB port no?

Powered USB hubs would work.

Thanks FlyingDiver,
Read the thread and found an application called extFS for MAC by Paragon Software which might do the trick. It is interesting to note the good folks at Tablo have been talking about making a software application for cloning since 2015 in that thread with updates throughout. Wish they had succeeded or at the very least tried the numerous apps listed in the thread to provide advice. They responded to me almost immediately but unfortunately most of their information focused on PC’s even though I identified as a MAC user.

Now I just need to find someone who has used the extFS for cloning to see if they were successful.

That would be sweet!

I wonder if a powered hub would work if one could have the Tablo identify the full hdd as read only and the other as read/write. Simple solution but do not know if the Tablo would cooperate.

The powered hub is the solution to the single USB port on some models. It’s got no bearing on the issue of copying programming from one drive to the other. Or switching to an alternate drive for storage.

We would need new firmware to take advantage of a second drive in any fashion. My personal preference is that when two drives are plugged into the Tablo it would allow us to migrate the data from the old drive to the new drive. This procedure would take a long time for most of us with big libraries.

The problem with the current diy method is that your Tablo can’t continue to record your shows because the drives are disconnected while transferring data.

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