Too easy to delete recordings by accident

This is something I find to be a problem with the Android TV interface but it might apply to other TV app interfaces as well if they’re designed the same way. On Android TV when you select a TV show to view recordings it automatically highlights the “Delete” option, so if you double tap by accident it will then automatically ask you if you want to delete ALL RECORDINGS! I’m very worried my kids will accidentally wipe out an entire show of recordings with it being so easy to do by accident. Does anyone else feel this is a problem?

You could protect the recordings.

I feel the same way. Deleting things shouldn’t be something you can easily do accidentally. It’s not a very good design choice to have delete as a default.

I have the same issue with the Xbox One app. Going to “Recordings” and hitting “A” starts the delete function. Confused my wife at first as it’s not obvious that you can go down and see the recordings.

Also sort of happens with the Windows 10 app. On both Windows 10 PCs and tablets, it comes up with the delete button as the only obvious UI button, but it doesn’t appear to be selected by default (e.g. using the “Enter” key.) So I can still swipe/scroll down and see recordings.

It’s a relatively minor UI issue in detail, but it does cause usability issues across platforms and I’d like to see it fixed.

Glad to see there are others that agree!