Tonights recordings

Not sure if this is available since i am a new user. I know there is a recording biew that shows all the shows you have set up to be recorded. But, is there a way to actually see what is scheduled for say tonight ? or when they are set ?

Yep. You should have a ‘Scheduled’ menu option. It has filters for ALL and Coming Soon which will show you what’s set to record over the coming days.

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I just see ALL and CONFLICTS not “Coming Soon”

Coming soon is only available on the Tablo PREVIEW app, not the original app on Fire TV.

buy why oh why won’t it show… an actual schedule?? They’re asking about tonight, not Coming Soon…
Isn’t the “PREVIEW app” it’s self somewhat a coming soon thing?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Look in the live tv all shows that are to be recorded are marked.

I use Titan TV for a REAL GUIDE, since Tablo doesn’t provide one (yet I hope). When I find something I want to record, I search for it on Tablo and set it to record.

There are otherTV apps. I’ve tried a few and always end up going back to TitanTV, which is FREE.

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thanks that solved my question

True, just looking for clarification for the Schedule Tab – it doesn’t appear to be a schedule. If you want to use the Schedule Tab, seems you have to click on every show to find out…

You got that right! I always have a tab with it loaded! Occasionally it seems wrong, I use zap2it but it’s not as intuitive as titanTV. (no default setting etc) Although it is Powered by Gracenote, Inc., I believe the same service at tablo’s guide.

It’s nice tablo breaks down “shows” by channel, buy not prime time… or even day or.

The tab name is “Scheduled”, not “Schedule”. It has an icon for every show that’s scheduled to be recorded. It’s not a schedule (time list).

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Thanks, I’m not sure why I made it so confusing… when I studied your reply I understood it a bit differently. I was looking at it differently… not that I like it, but I understand why.

Also, at least in the Roku and Android TV/Fire TV devices Preview apps there is the Coming Soon filter/view in the Scheduled screen which gives you a chronological listing of upcoming scheduled recordings.

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