To factory reset or not to factory reset?

So I have been having issues with my Table on/off for the past few months. It is at the point where it is not usable anymore such as sync issues and it can’t play recorded shows or live TV.

I have researched about all I could on this and still have no luck to make this thing even usable.

I was going to factory reset it but I came across a message by Tablo to say that this is an extreme measure and that you would only use it as a last option. I decided to send a message to Tablo support a few days ago offering to send logs (or whatever they need). I haven’t heard back so I am probably going to do a factory reset and hopefully it will reset whatever demons is plaguing my unit.

So… question is… why is a factory reset a last ditch option?

It’s a last ditch option because you lose all your recordings, mate.

Please try this first reboot your router and pull the power plug on the tablo . See if this helps prior to nuking your recordings.

@cfbenn - If you haven’t contacted support yet, please do. We can give you more insight and make a recommendation.

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