Tivo 1 being turned off

So much for that life time subscription.

I know of one that’s still in use. I purchased one of those many, many years ago, and when I was still with DirecTV and got my first DVR with them, gave it to my niece. She’s on Cable TV, so the tuner still works. She’s still using it, and will likely be disappointed to be losing the guide.

I can understand the business decision to stop support at some point, and $75 seems like a fair compromise for terminating service, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see someone file a lawsuit over this. After all, I know of people who return 20 year old worn out hoses to Sears under their lifetime guarantee policy and walk out of the store with a new hose.

Anyway, I don’t expect to be getting my $75 refund anytime soon, as my Tivo was purchased so long ago, and I’ve since moved.

Thinking about my lifetime subscription for Tablo now… if I get 3 years worth of use out of it, that’s break-even for me, and anything after that is gravy. The original Tivo purchasers could look at it that way as well. I’m sure that many, as I did, looked at monthly vs. lifetime cost and figured out the payback period, and I’m fairly confident that when looked at that way, they’ve more than recouped their investment. Throw in the $75 refund and they’ve done quite well.