Timeout waiting for video data

I’ve only had it happen one more time. I’m more curious on what this error message means.

I am having the same error message with the Tablo Preview app on Amazon Fire TV. This did not happen with previous versions of Tablo Preview. I am using a Mesh router and suspect this is causing some problems with the newer versions of Tablo Preview. The regular Tablo is somewhat better but occasionally happens as stated by other posts on this thread. Rebooting Amazon Fire TV seems to help for a while. Thoughts?

In my situation, I really think it was weak signal and the Tablo was just displaying the wrong error message. I got rid of Tablo and got the Amazon Recast instead, and it has been working great. If the signal drops or gets weak, the Recast auto resumes when the signal returns instead of just stopping playing and displaying this message that the Tablo would.

This is multi-path distortion… and, unfortunately, is a well known problem (especially with weaker signals). The amplifiers are not going to help with this sort of problem. I am not sure, perhaps someone with more antenna experience could be sure, but I think your antenna has “too wide a spread”. I heard some antenna expert use that terminology… (what it means is that the antenna is not directional enough, and is picking up signals off-beam --the direct line from your antenna to the transmitter). A fancy way of saying “multi-path”, i.e. you receive the signal from 2 different directions slightly out-of-phase.