Time to try HDHomeRun with Plex

Sounds like it’s basically got Comskip/MCEBuddy or something similar built in now doesn’t it?

Still takes the additional time and processing power to do it but if it makes the process automatic so people don’t have to set up and configure the other 3rd party stuff that’s pretty compelling.

Man, if Plex and Tablo would ever come to the point where Tablo tuners could be used as a source…

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Plex is using Comskip for it’s commercial processing as you can find the comskip.ini buried down in it’s library files, however it’s pretty limited at this time. From what I read it mostly works on Windows/Mac and a few Linux variants. Says not support for FreeBSD cause of no transcoding ability, which I don’t get at all given how popular Plex is running on FreeNAS.

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Amen brother, let us use Tablo as the source!

hows it going with folks setups lately?

I’ve got an HD Homerun Extend working great in my attic currently. Previously had an HD homerun 2-tuner non-extend working similarly.

I’ll be setting up my 4-tuner Tablo later this week after 2TB WD drive arrives. Not sure if I will get the chance to avoid the .18 software update, or whether i should just go for it.

I don’t see the advantage that plex provides and I am hoping to use the Tablo as a DVR without plex, perhaps with the latest roku. channel-surfing with tablo will be a crucial use-case for spousal satisfaction. our current solution is Moxi 2-tuner HD-DVR plus a couple of Moxi Mate remote-units. i understand that with tablo+roku we will lose the ability to watch&listen live tv in the corner of screen, while surfing the grid-guide simultaneously…

Just be aware that channel surfing is not going to be the same experience on the Tablo, but it’s because of the very reason you can use Tablo on some many streaming devices (i.e. Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, etc.).

The Tablo buffers for what is now 6-10 seconds (it used to be longer) when you start viewing a channel live in order to transcode the signal real time. As a result channel surfing with it isn’t a great experience. If you really need instant channel surfing you will probably want to split the antenna signal and run one line directly into your TV (assuming it has a tuner, lots of newer models don’t anymore) and the other into the Tablo. That will give you the best of both worlds.

In our case we actually watch very little live TV and already have a reception issue on 2 channels so waiting for the buffering to complete isn’t a big deal and I’d rather not split the signal and potentially create more reception issues.

Thanks for the rundown. My setup is similar. You have plex running on the Qnap. Do you also have Mcebuddy and comskip running on the Qnap, (through virtualization)? Have you tried Qnap’s off-line transcoding feature? If you don’t have Mcebuddy and comskip running on the Qnap, what is the advantage of running plex on the Qnap? So far I can’t figure out a way to cut the PC out of the system.