Time To Say It Plainly

Roku programmers are the worst I have EVER encountered. Tablo takes the blame for the crap Roku developers turn out every 6 months. The Roku development group has absolutely NO idea of coding correctly. They are a bunch of amateurs and clowns.

My experience on several packages such as Acorn through the Roku has been abysmal the past several weeks.

Microsoft and Roku contend for the worst programming done in the history of IT…


Couldn’t agree more!!!

I have been soooo happy with Tablo for over a year and in one Roku update (7.1) they broke Tablo, Pluto, Netflix, Syfy and maybe Disney Jr & PBS!!!

Pluto may or may not have been something the Pluto developers did as they were able to correct it on their own, but the rest still have issues over a month later…

Yes, we had been watching PBS through our antenna until a few months ago. Then we thought of using our Roku instead getting the feed from the PBS site. Damn but the Roku screwed that up in the last two weeks as PBS plays through fits and starts! Went back to the antenna. The inconsistency of the Roku drives us crazy!

I’ve been happier since I started watching Tablo on the Nexus Player. NP also has Pluto TV, CBSN, NewsOn, Netflix, Feeln, YouTube, as well as others. They are currently hard to find in the $50 range I paid back in November.

Thought about moving over to the Shield many times but the lack of Amazon Prime has stopped me…

Now even if they add Prime I likely wouldn’t pick up more than one or two as I’m already HEAVILY invested in Roku 3s, 4s & a Roku TV…

{looks despairingly at new apple tv4 still sitting shrink wrapped in box awaiting the mythical AppleTV unicorn app}


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Noticed that the shopping channels such as HSN have been affected as well. LPWs and freezes occurring. I have never seen a bunch of developers doing their Keystone Kops antics the way this “Can’t Shoot Straight” gang at Roku does.

Does Roku outsource their programming to North Korea?


I’m really hoping its not vapor ware. Not sure if you were on WMC previously but there was a product called the Ceton echo. It was supposed to be upgraded to support android. They finally called it quits on releasing the android update but offered no refund. Sold my entire WMC system after that fiasco.

On the infamous “to do list”, like 5.1, two hard drives, keep so many recordings, etc.

I mean yeah, look at the mess that is the Roku OS. Its an outdated UI with outdated code powering it.

That entire OS needs a ground up rebuilding.

Do you cast NewsOn? It shows as incompatible for my shields.

I have used NewsOn with Chromecast from Nexus 7.

They seem impossible to find at all. Google Store is out of stock, Staples Canada and Best Buy Canada out of stock and doesn’t even come up on an Amazon.ca search.

Don’t know about the US market, I’m sure there are some on Ebay.

Maybe time for Tablo to come out with a Tablo Tiny with HDMI Out. Then they wouldn’t have to worry about Roku and everyone else breaking their stuff all the time. I’d buy one.

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That’s a great idea! I’ve thought of writing a Tablo client to run on a Raspberry Pi ($35). Have just a Tablo app on it - nothing else.

Unfortunately I had bought a bunch of Rokus for streaming Netflix, Amazon, etc. a year before Tablo came along. Had I the opportunity to get devices after getting a Tablo I would have made a different choice. However the device would have to stream all the packages we subscribe to such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Acorn, etc.

Even if we had a “Tablo Tiny” device dedicated solely to Tablo, my wife would probably object to having to go from device to device for different apps.

Maybe Tablo should just buy a pile of (Google Nexus Player, or whatever replaces it), load the app, slap a “Tablo” sticker on top, resell for a small profit…

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Aren’t Users doing that now switching to Antenna because of poor performance of live TV on the Roku and other devices? That wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me if the performance and reliability was there.

Then you’re back to the same problem of someone else’s stuff potentially breaking your stuff. If you have your own device, it always works and you’re not forcing the hand of someone else to fix their stuff.

Some are, and I did for a while, cuz surfing channels is what I was used to doing.
I don’t remember how long it took, but I don’t care to surf channels anymore.
My TV viewing is much more organized with scheduled recordings.
So much more relaxing.


Then you’re back to the same problem of someone else’s stuff potentially breaking your stuff. If you have your own device, it always works and you’re not forcing the hand of someone else to fix their stuff.

I mostly agree, but also for a good comparison look at the issues some have seen when they buy their own modem to not pay rent for one from their ISP. Insert horror stories from CableCo “X” stating issue is customer equipment…

At least the NP has been pretty solid as a device in the context of Tablo’s optimizations and functionality.