Time to find another solution

This thing has been a problem since day 1. It works fine for a while the it starts to drop connections. It will record a program in 7 or 8 sections most about a minute long. Have to reset every couple of days or I can’t connect to it. Can’t connect at all today it says check my internet connection. If my internet connection was bad I wouldn’t be here would I.

If you’re looking for some help debugging/figuring out what the issue is can you post a few more details about your configuration? Wired or wireless, type of hard drive, client used, type of Tablo (Dual, Quad, HDMI), etc.

Does Live TV work ok?

Thanks for the response.
Tablo Quad. Wired connection. 1tb Internal drive. Using the latest Windows App. Also tried the browser.
I just tried again and it connected this time. I have also check the TV when the recordings have failed and the signal is fine.

Are you saying you have the signal from the antenna split and it’s going both directly into the TV and into the Tablo?

I have found that generally speaking, TV tuners bring in the signal better than any Tablo can. The reason is pretty simple… assuming your TV is getting the signal via one direct line, when you use a Tablo, the signal will be split 2-4 times, depending on the model. Each split reduces the signal strength. I found with mine that I had to mount an outdoor antenna vs. indoor to get a very good signal. A substandard signal can cause all the issues you describe. Weather can also play a big factor. We had some big storms go thru and it really messed up signal strength. The ‘check your internet’ message is just a generic problem message. I’ve found not to rely on such messages (not just Tablo, any of those things… ever try to use Micro$oft$ help in Windows 10?) Spoiler alert, it’s worthless, imho.