Time setting?

All my recordings seem to be starting a minute or two after the show really starts.  Where does Tablo get it’s time and can it be adjusted ?

looks like they use NTP  A quick scan through my firewalls access log.
Apr 23 17:03:57 linksys [Access Log]O UDP Packet - -->
Apr 23 17:06:19 linksys [Access Log]O UDP Packet - -->

So your not blocking udp port 123 are you?


I would like the option of setting the Tablo NTP address and how often it is updated. All my security cameras have this feature. I have also noticed some of my shows are JIP (join in progress) by maybe 5 seconds which means the time of Tablo or TV station is probably 7 seconds off.


I would also like the apps/web page display the time/date of the Tablo device YYYY.MM.DD - HH:MM:SS

Does the current NTP client update daily? What is the time server source?


Likely much more than once a day but that’s a guess based on all of the network devices and alternate OSs I deal with like Junos, the Cisco ios, Linux and so on. 

These are the two I have chosen for our network gear at work - based on wanting our domain to keep pace with the state forest to avoid troubles…
ntp server source outside
ntp server source outside

Since they appear safe (aren’t on botnet lists yet) and reliable, I’d likely choose these for home, too if it were possible. 

What I like to do on my security cameras is run this ntp server on my Windows box and point the clients to it instead of all of them connecting to the internet. It would be cool if Tablo could be configured to use a different ntp server.



I already ask to be able to manually set the time. The Channel Master DVR+ appears to have this feature. Many of today’s devices are very small.  If you have a vacation house or RV without standard WAN internet you could load up the tablo with recorded programs.  Take the tablo, roku, mini travel router, and small leaf antenna with you when you travel for a few weeks and manually record some new shows while on the go.

My Toshiba DVD recorder has the option - you can let it auto-detect or allows you to set it manually. You can also let it detect time from one of the TV stations… (which I’ve found isn’t generally all that accurate)