Time is 5 hours on chrome but not rokus

I have had this problem for over a month now but just got around to asking about it. My time in the guide is exactly 5 hours ahead on mytablotv on every computer I try but everything is recording at the correct time and my rokus show the correct time. Also when recording are looked at on a computer vs the roku they show a recorded time of 5 hours later then they actually were.

Not actually causing a problem but is frustrating when trying to figure out issues with failed recording and scheduling.

Pick a computer with the correct time, do a rescan of channels and the Tablo should pull the time zone from that computer.

Finally got around to it tonight and it did not fix it. I did not save the results though for fear of messing up scheduled recording. Do you have to re save your channel list for the time to get fixed?

Yes you have to do the channel scan and scan the channels. As long as you’re not removing channels, it will keep the previously scheduled recordings.

If a show is currently recording will it interfere?

Yes it likely will screw up a current recording. Do the channel scan and save when all the tuners are free.

Ok updated channels and no change yet, maybe it will correct after guide completes updating.

Did not fix time, could it be a router time issue?