Time in guide and what time a recording was made is off by 1 hour

My tablo’s guide settings are set for my zip code (60451 Chicago area central time). When I check the guide the hour is showing eastern time. I am not in the eastern timezone. So why does it show one hour ahead? When I view the details of a recording it shows it recorded one hour ahead of when it was really recorded.

Why is this off and what can I do to fix it?

Just to be clear I have no problems recording things as scheduled. If I pick show X show X records. It works fine. Its just this time that is off by an hour. So its a display issue.

More importantly…what can I do to fix it while making sure recordings still happened as expected as they do today? Last thing I want is to fix the display issue but then new recordings are all off by an hour.

On occasion, I’ve had the time on my Tablo show an hour off from my local time. In each case, I’ve gone in and verified my zip code, did a channel scan and that seemed to fix it. Next time, I’ll try a Tablo reboot and see if that fixes it. It may be that Tablo interrogates an NTP server only after a reboot.

The Tablo grabs its time zone information from the device you use to run a channel scan. You can fix this by running a new scan on your Tablo.

First, make sure you’re using a device using the correct time zone. Next, connect to the Tablo app and follow these steps:

Settings > Edit location > Use Current > Begin Channel Scan > Add to guide. This will reset your Tablo’s local time zone to match the one being used on the device running the channel scan. Try and schedule a new recording to verify the change has been made.

Note: if you have any kind of active VPN, or if the date and time settings on your device are wrong, the Tablo will not grab the proper time zone and your recordings will continue to record at the incorrect time.

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