Three Requests for tvOS

I’ve been a happy Tablo user for a couple of years now. But there are three things that, for me at least, can improve the experience. I did a search and found these individual requests, but not all together so I thought I’d just throw my 2 cents in.

As an Apple TV user one of the biggest requests I have is for the Tablo app to integrate with the TV app’s Up Next feature. Also, for sports, I’d like to be able to see a soccer game available on NBC, select it have the Tablo app open and tune to the correct channel. Or at least open to the Guide so I can select the correct channel.

I’d also like to see a PiP feature added to the Tablo app for tvOS. I’d like to be able to be watching the evening news, and also browse the Guide to see what’s coming up as well.

Another useful feature, and I know this has been requested a lot, is a real time signal strength meter.

Thanks for the great product and keep up the great improvements!


Pretty sure Apple controls access to the TV app so @TabloTV can’t do anything about that.

Apple provides APIs to the various features of the TV app so developers can hook their apps into it.

Freely? Or must you be approved to get access to these API’s?

Well… one has to be a member of the Apple Developer program, which costs $99 a year. Nuvyyo would be part of this program since they have developed a Tablo app for iOS/tvOS.

Apple WANTS users to use the TV app, and they WANT developers to support it with their apps.

All I am saying is that I don’t believe its that cut and dry. Pretty sure there are hoops that they need to jump through. I’ll let Tablo explain if the feel it necessary.

Well… someone has access to those APIs because almost all of the TV Anywhere apps I use, as well as apps like Hulu and Disney+ “hook into” the TV app and their content shows up in my Up Next queue, etc.