Three entire recordings of the same show


Yesterday I had a very interesting thing happen.

I have “Instinct” on CBS scheduled to record all new airings. I extended this week’s episode to record an additional 30 minutes since CBS often runs late on Sunday evenings. Approximately 5 minutes before “Instinct” started, I changed the extend recording to 5 minutes past end of show since it appeared that the shows were running close to on time and saved my setting. As I continued to watch the show just prior to “Instinct” I decided that the shows were running on time and so about a minute before it started i decided to again change the extend recording and this time it was to end on time.

When “Instinct” started to record, my Tablo used 3 tuners to record 3 copies of “Instinct”. Today i checked all three copies and one copy is 1 hour and 30 minutes long, one copy is 1 hour and 5 minutes long and the last copy is 1 hour and 1 minute long.

My questions for @TabloSupport are. Why did my Tablo make three recordings instead of just the last option I chose? Do I have to make changes a set amount of time prior to the recording starting to insure that only one copy is recorded?

Fortunately I had enough tuners available, but if this had been in the fall with all new shows, I most likely would have had a real problem and might have missed a recording of another show. I’m just looking for some guidance going forward.


It’s due to bad guide data. See my thread below. Same problem?


No, unfortunately it wasn’t due to bad guide data. I had checked the guide early in the day and it only showed one episode to air on Sunday evening.

The only reason for the multiple recordings I could see was that I used the option button to add additional recording time and then changed it twice before the recording started. For some reason, the Tablo remembered all of my changes and recorded each one instead of just the last choice I had made.


How soon before the recording started did you change the additional time to add to the recording?

I can only see them looking into your logs to explain this one.


I changed from 30 minutes additional time to 5 minutes additional time approximately 5 minutes before the start of the recording and then changed to end on time approximately 1 minute before the start of the recording.


That’s a very interesting case. As @theuser86 suggested, we’ll need to take a look at the logs to get to the root cause. Can you send us a ticket? We’ll take it from there.