Thought/discussion of recordings from specific channel/show

I’ve been recording & watching Star Trek : Enterprise on the Heroes & Icons Channel (Indianapolis / WUDZ 28.2). I’m almost done with watching the series, I love the show btw!

I start the playback of the recording, which is about 1 minute before show starts. The recording catches the last commercial and a Station Identification screen. If I let the recording play as is, the video portion of the recording blanks (either black or grey screen can’t remember) and the audio continues as normal after the Station Identification screen.

I have to skip ahead to the 1st shot of the show (after the Station ID) for the recording to play as normal. This happens with every recording of this channel/show.

1st thought is …The channel itself is a lower power station doing the broadcasting (I believe), but I am also close to the broadcast tower (~15 miles). I have yet to record anything else from that station to test other shows from that station.

2nd thought is…Wasn’t Star Trek : Enterprise one of the first syndicated shows to use HD camera technology for filming? There could be something happening at the broadcast level that could be affecting this recording. (ie going from an analog up-conversion to broadcast the previous show of the programming lineup in 480-720p to a purely digital broadcast.)

It’s not a problem for me, cause I just skip the Station ID and start playback at the 1st shot of the Enterprise. Just wanted to put this discussion out there.

PS. FUN FACT - Seth Macfarland appears twice on Star Trek : Enterprise as an extra (He looks so young!). He was a part of the crew repairing the ship and a part of the Engineering team in two episodes. He’s come a long way to become the captain of The Orville. :wink:

@KirkH Weird… It could indeed be something funky in the broadcast stream. We’d have to extract the video to find out for sure.

Enjoy your re-watch! (And prepare to get cravings for pecan pie.)

Loving the gif!!

It’s up to you @TabloTV, you want me to put a support ticket together. It really doesn’t bother me much.

If it doesn’t bother you, it’s probably best to let the support and engineering team focus on other more pressing tasks.