This might be a dumb question, but

Just cut the cord with my cable company and have a Tablo Quad on order. My current configuration is antenna>distribution amplifer>individual coax connections to two smart TV’s. The smart TVs are also connected to wifi for Netflix, Amazon, etc. My question is what will the configuration look like after Tablo? Here is what I think I understand: antenna>Tablo>wifi router>wifi connection to both smart TV’s for ALL TV content. No need at all to have my smart TVs connected via the coax connections? Is that correct? Thanks in advance to anyone who can either confirm or set me straight. Thanks.

Correct on the fact no need to have both TVs connected via coax. However, you need a playback device at each TV (i.e. Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, etc.). You didn’t mention if you are just using the smarts of the smart TVs or you already have devices connected to each TV.

Here is some more information on what playback devices are supported…

Tablo Apps & Compatible Devices | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo (

The best way to connect the Tablo to your router is to hard wire it via an Ethernet cable. If you can do this you will likely run into less buffering issues.

As well, does a Tablo app exist for your smart TVs? Even if the answer is yes, many people find individual boxes such as a Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast with Google TV runs the Tablo app better than a smart TV. So you might want to consider not using your smart TV.

Antenna to TV is optional - “no need” is subjective, not absolute.
There are some users not happy with the delay tipping through channels and prefer the TV.
Others notice the difference of non transcoded video particularly for sporting events.
If it’s already in place and you have the signal strength, there’s no real reason to remove it either.

I have 3 TVs and 2 tablos connected to one antenna, by way of an amp splitter - no quality issues.

Thanks everyone for your reply. Since I’m sometimes oblivious to the obvious, I have another question. I currently have internet gigablast service from cox which is attached via ethernet to a Linksys EA7500 wifi router. I currently stream Netflix and Amazon from that router with no issues. I am assuming I have to have a different wifi router for the Tablo or is there some way to use the Linksys router for both??? With Tablo, will I continue to stream Netflix, Amazon, etc. via my Linksys router and stream live TV and recorded programs via a separate router attached to Tablo???

You don’t need a new router, just connect the Tablo to the existing Linksys router. You can stream Tablo and Netflix and everything else through it.

It may even be possible to connect your tablo to to the cox device via ethernet cable or the linksys device, depending upon you actual setup. If possible, many prefer wired connection over wifi although wifi works great for many users :slight_smile:

Thanks. That’s what I did and it works perfectly!

Great. So I assume your smart TVs have the Tablo app?