There was a problem establishing an authenticated sessionwith your tablo

“There was a problem establishing an authenticated sessionwith your tablo. This couod be due to either authentification or internet connectivity issues.”

Had this message come up this morning with my xbox. I’ve hard reset the xbox, disonnected the power form the tablo and restarted, deleted the app on the xbox and reinstalled it to no avail.

My ipad and roku are fine. Other apps on xbox are fine, youtube, amazon prime etc.

Any ideas on how to fix would be greatly appreciated.


Seems odd. my system has been pretty solid for years now…

I’m having the same issue this morning. It won’t connect via the Samsung TV app, The Windows 10 app.
Windows 10 was brand new install of the tablo app.
I have completely removed the app from the TV .
I have reset my network (even though it appears to be fine)
I have verified that I can contact Tablo receiver via ping from various devices.
I’m connected via ethernet, and since at least one of my devices is connecting fine. I will assume it is working.

Any ideas?

It seems to be a problem with Nuvvyo servers so you can stop fiddling with your setup.

There’s nothing you can do at this point.

Seems to be a problem with using on both Win 10 and Android browsers for both Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Apps seem to work OK.

Curiously, this has happened on the same day I’m unable to browse here to from my rather old copy of Mac Safari (11.1.2) - “…can’t establish a secure connection”. Works with Chrome.

It’s also the last day of the month. These coincidences may or may not be related.

Looks like this is almost a duplicate thread of the thread Are Tablo Servers Down above this one.

Yep. Are the Tablo Servers Down?
@TabloSupport responded as “Investigating” on that one.

I’m getting more suspicious that this is related:

This, too, has been fixed.

I’m back! Came back a couple hours later.