The Tablo Exchange

If Tablo changed the way devices are paired for remote access, e.g. a user id\password method, could that lead to some interesting scenarios? I have a friend in Boston who has a Tablo. If I wanted to watch a Patriots game not broadcast in the Atlanta area, I could ask him for access to his Tablo to stream the Pats game to me. Could that work in the future with a user id\password method for pairing a device with a Tablo?

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Can you stream the same show live to two different devices? I thought that it was a tuner thing… so two people, different tuners was ok. Of course, I guess then two tuners could be tuned to the same channel (?)

Just curious (I have a 2 tuner Tablo, so not as interesting to me as somebody with 4)

My friend in Boston has the same setup I have - a cable going to the Tablo and another to his TV. So if he were watching the game it would be on his TV leaving the Tablo free for streaming elsewhere.

Another friend in Atlanta asked me the same thing. He is originally from Cleveland and has the NFL DirecTV package for viewing the Browns down here in Georgia (why I don’t know - must be an “old home” type thing). He was asking me if he could get a Tablo for his dad still living in Cleveland and have his dad’s Tablo stream games to Atlanta eventually. He didn’t feel like paying DirecTV all that money just to watch one team (not the entire set of teams).

Interesting thought. You’d have to set some sort of priority, I’d certainly want to hold the “master key” that my stuff took priority over remote users.

That said, I’d be willing to share :smile:

That’s why I named this thread “The Tablo Exchange” (hint hint). Who knows what sharing arrangements (in a club) might be possible. Could one even set up guest ids and passwords? Sort of like my Kindle through which I can legally share eBooks with other other Kindle users (an Amazon approved eBook user exchange).

Of course Roger Goodell might not like the concept… :football:

We were in Dallas (and most of the rest of the state of Texas) over the Thanksgiving holiday and my wife’s cousin is an avid Bears fan. He was more than excited to know we could watch the Bears game using Tablo. He made it sound far cooler than it really was…“so wait, you hacked into MY TV and wireless and logged into your computer at home!!!” Meh. Sure.

Of course his internet connect sucked and it was constantly hanging, but we were able to watch some of the game. :smile: