The Tablo App on AppleTV can't find my Tablo

The Tablo App on AppleTV can’t find my Tablo. This is incredibly frustrating because I keep hitting “Search Again” and nothing happens. I’ve tried disconnecting and restarting everything. I deleted the Tablo App and reinstalled it. My wi-fi connection is fine.

I don’t understand why Tablo doesn’t have weekend tech support. Most people watch TV on the weekends!

Any ideas out there?


Can you reboot aka power cycle your router? Then if that doesn’t work, please reboot your Tablo

Thanks for the reply.

I unplugged the power supply to the router, waited, then plugged it back in. That didn’t seem to work. I hit the Reset button on the Tablo. That didn’t work either.

Was your set up working before, or are you trying to set it up for the 1st time?
How is the Tablo connected to the network (wifi, hardwired)?

Can you connect to the Tablo via a web browser:

Yes, the set up was working before. All of a sudden on Saturday night it opened to the Tablo Ad page. It’s connected via the wi fi network in our house. Not sure about connecting through a browser. Will try to check that out now. It doesn’t work from the Apps on our iPads.

Does it work from any app? iPhone app, Android phone app, Android tablet app?

We don’t have anything Android but not from two ipads. Thanks for the help, I’ll just talk to the customer support in the morning. Cheers.

Sorry, they are closed tomorrow for their Canada Day holiday.

Canada Day? Lol That is July 1st :woman_facepalming:

It’s Canadian Thanksgiving today.

Thanks for correction - it was late