The Tablo App not working on iPhone

I’ve used it before out of my house, so that was working fine (even yesterday), but today, it’s just continually trying to connect.

Any ideas on why?

Are you at home? Or are you trying to use it remotely?

I’m not at home, I’m using it remotely, but I was able to use it remotely yesterday with no problems.

Likely your iPhone has become “un-paired” from the Tablo. This can happen if your modem rebooted, router rebooted, if your WAN IP changes (this is the IP assigned by your ISP), etc.

I am assuming your Internet does not have a Static IP? Most are dynamically assigned these days.

Read more about pairing:

So would just streaming it at home first fix this problem if I anticipate wanting to stream away from the house?

Yes, try streaming locally on the device as close as to when you know you’re going to be away from home.

This will all hopefully be fixed eventually with username and password remote access (no timeline on this).

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To add more, when I pair my iPhone with my Tablo sometimes it lasts a month, sometimes it lasts a day. It all depends if my router loses connection with my ISP, when it re-connects to my internet, the ISP assigns me a new IP and then the Tablo Connect pairing is broken.

I have a VPN server running at home so I just connect my iPhone to the VPN so it looks like the iPhone is back on my local network and I can re-pair the device and use it again remotely. So I physically don’t have to go home, I just do it via VPN. This is by no means a fix, but it’s a good work around for those with networking knowledge.

FYI - the newest build that will be out soon will have more automatic retries for restablishing Tablo Connect. It should make it much more stable.

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As it turns out, I think yesterday I was having trouble connecting due to my work firewall. Couldn’t connect again using our wifi at work, but as soon as I turned that off, it connected right away.

A quick way to check if the remote location has a firewall blocking the connection is to turn off the WiFi and try connecting to the Tablo via your 3G or LTE cellular network. If that works then you know for sure it’s the firewall blocking needed ports.