"The sync process was unsuccessful due to a database error."

Hello!! Just set up a Tablo Quad as a test-run to replace my Tivo-based whole-home system. I’ve only been running for a few hours but I’ve noticed multiple occurrences of this message:

“The sync process was unsuccessful due to a database error.”

I’m working on my PC adding recordings and watching live TV. I have other channels running in other TVs around the house (kinda like a stress test). This error is displayed on the PC browser windows. They all disconnect. Sometimes (about 1/3 of the time) when the errors appear at least one of my TVs will also freeze (e.g. I assume disconnects).

Anyone familiar with this issue?

Are you using a new harddrive, or are trying to use an old harddrive or a flash drive?

Everything is new. Brand new Tablo Quad with a brand new internal WD Blue 2TB (WD20SPZX). It seems to occur if I’m fiddling or just looking at settings. Otherwise, if I leave the system alone, it does not happen. Last time it occurred I was actually changing settings on the Fire TV app.

This error is displayed on the PC browser windows. They all disconnect.

I could only assume that the browser cache has become inconsistent with the tablo unit. You might try clearing the cache when connected to the unit. This will cause the tablo app to refind and reload the information.

One way to delete the tablo unit and only it’s cache there should be a little red “x” next to the connect. This may only appear if you use the disconnect in the main menu. The next time you load the app you can re-scan to find the unit and on connect it will re-sync all the tablo data into the browser cache.

All on the same system? Adding recordings and watching live TV? via the same web browser session? Yea, that causes issues in my experience. If I misunderstand your vagueness then - never mind. One work-a-round is using Firefox Containers Tabs, to keep each tab separate (isolated) from each other. You can PiP while scheduling if you don’t have a dual monitor set-up.

Well… if I leave the settings alone the system does not exhibit this issue. Seems to occur if I start messing with settings while streaming live or recorded video. And yes, seems to occur a lot more often if I’m streaming video in one browser window while changing settings on different browser window. I’m using Edge at the moment.

Not a big issue since I’ve pretty much set the settings as I want them and it has not exhibited the issue since.

I don’t know/understand the intricacies here… somewhere in your profile there’s something along the lines or similar to - C:/users/you/data stuff/microsoft-edge-dev/Default/databases/http_my.tablotv.com_0 Changing settings “un-syncs” the database between which one is writing and/or reading. I know there’s an issue, not what’s involved… or if this is even the heart of it.

If you use 2 different browsers ie) Edge/Chrome Chrome/Firefox Firefox/Edge you’ll likely not have an issue. As noted, I use Firefox containers and can have multiple sessions - had examples watching 4 channels simultaneously. Seems they need, or works best, if everything is completely independent. Maybe multiple private windows

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